Beer Advent Calendar – How to Make Your Own

The Holiday Season is Coming!

I’m not a religious person by any means.  But I am one to partake in festivities, especially if they involved some alcoholic beverages.  We all have our vices, don’t judge.  I’m also not one to enjoy sweets or chocolates, so the standard holiday calendar/holiday count down treat box/advent calendar you buy at the store doesn’t do it for me.

For the past several years, our local liquor store has had a product called the Advent Beer Calendar.  It’s a great idea, but you needed to buy it in August or September to have it before the holiday season, and let’s be honest… that’s too much forethought.  And as a  bonus,  it was like $150-$200 for 24 beers… A bit pricy for my likings.

So, I have come up with the perfect solution, the home-made holiday beer calendar.

And, if beer is not your drink of choice, check out this Wine Advent Calendar instead.

Beer Advent Calendar Pin

How to Make a Beer Advent Calendar

Do you want your very own Craft Beer Calendar?  Get your Free Craft Beer Advent/Holiday Calendar Cut out!  Just fill out the form and I’ll send you the details.

I used my Cricut for this project, but you can get the free design if you sign up in PFD so that you can print it off. I also have it in SVG if that’s the way you want to go.

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Get your Free Craft Beer Advent/Holiday Calendar Cut Out by filling out the form!   I’ll send you the details to your inbox right away!  Check out junk box just in case.

What You Need:

  1. Paper.  Lots of paper.  It can be white or colored, or holiday-themed.
  2. Cricut/Scissor
  3. Glue and Glue Gun /Tape
  4. 24 Craft Beers
  5. Box to hold said 24 craft beer
  6. Wrapping Paper

Let’s Begin!

Make the Design

I measured the top of a can of craft beer (~2.5″ Diameter).  Therefore, this will require a 2.5″ square box top.  So, I made boxes (1/2 boxes) to cover each beer.

I designed this myself in Inkscapebut you can use any program number of programs to create the design.

advent calendar design

Cut The paper

I cut all my boxes out with my Circut, but you can print them on a standard printer and cut them out with scissors.

Beer advent calendar cut pieces

Fold and Glue or Tape

Fold all the boxes.  In my design, I added fold lines to help with the folding.

Once done folding, glue the corners tabs.  Alternatively, you can use tape, either works.

advent beer calendar numbers
advent calendar numbers glue

Make the Box

Craft beer doesn’t come in a specialized box so, we buy them individually.  I picked up 2 empty base boxes from the liquor store.

I cut one up so that the bottom was gone, and only the sides stayed.  This part was going to be the walls of the box.

The original base was going to stay, and this new wall portion goes on top.  I used my faithful duct tape to put it together.

Craft Beer Box
advent calendar walls
calendar assembly

Prepare your Calendar Box

Wrap the outside of the box so that it looks nice.  I used Christmas wrapping paper that I had around the house.  But you can use any type you like.  I only wrapped the sides as the bottom won’t be seen, and the top is going to have the boxes on top.

empty box


Place all the beers in the box.  I bought several different types of beers, ciders, and even some cooler-like drinks and put them into the box.  That way there is a variety.  Once all the beers are in the box, put on the boxes on top.  I randomly placed my boxes so, the numbers aren’t in order, but you can set it up any way you like.

advent beer calendar assembly

And That’s It! You’re Done!

beer advent calenard

Final Notes

Somethings to keep in mind when you’re using this:

  1. Drinking a beer every night will start to be tough on your body by about day 6… so it might be wise to do this with your partner, and each has 1 beer every 2 days.
  2. Don’t feel like you have to drink every day!  Drink responsibly!
  3. Once you start to take beers out and box tops off, there will be the potential for some shifting to happen in the box.  You can put the old empty cans back into the beer box and put the number boxes back on.  But this is entirely up to you.

Was this Tutorial Helpful?

Did you find this tutorial helpful?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Get your Free Craft Beer Advent/Holiday Calendar Cut Out by filling out the form!   I’ll send you the details to your inbox right away!  Check out junk box just in case.

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  1. Jessica

    How cute! I’m doing this for my husband!!

  2. Lucie Palka

    Totally love the idea, but I’m not a beer drinker (more of a wine drinker), and yes, beer or wine every day would be too much, but I’d settle for a bottle of wine/week? I like the idea of making your own calendar though.

    1. Katherine

      I was thinking about doing it for wine also, but I don’t think would be good for anyone! Although a weekly one might work! Or maybe if they made/sold wine in smaller sizes…?

  3. Aparna

    Although I am a teetotaler, I think this is a wonderful idea that can be implemented to other categories of treats for consuming moderately!

    1. Katherine

      I was going to make one for all of the Halloween candy that we have but I found so many already online that I lost encouragement in making another one. And I’m not a chocolate fan,… but you are right, the concept can be used for other things as well! Thanks!

  4. Maritime Meg

    This is so cute!! <3 I need to do this for my fiancé – he LOVES beer!

    1. Katherine

      I’m sure he’ll love it! Who would t love 24 days of beer!

  5. Debbie

    Love craft beers. This is very creative.

    1. Katherine

      The nice thing about craft beers is you can buys lots and mix and match and it’ll would out great!

  6. Cindy Mom, the Lunch Lady

    I love this idea and my SO loves beer. I think he’d save 7 for Saturday nights, but that’s OK 😉

    1. Katherine

      That’s might be a better plan! In year past I haven’t been able to keep up with one everyday… it’s a lot!

  7. Kate

    Love this idea!!!! Buying these calendars can be so expensive. Plus now you can pick beer the person will love!

    1. Katherine

      I think picking out the different types of beers is part of the fun, it’s always nice to have a variety

  8. Shani Ferry

    What a fun idea! I have a lot of beer drinkers in my family.

    1. Katherine

      It can even be done with smaller cans. Some craft beers sell in pop cab sizes, so you don’t have to break the bank if you’re hoping to make lots!

  9. Andrea

    This is such a fun idea! I can think of so many ways to do this even for non beer drinkers. Thanks for the cool idea.

    1. Katherine

      The nice thing about the size of cans is they are all the same size, so you can even do pop cans.

    1. Katherine

      Hopefully you’re able to try it, or something similar!

  10. Janel

    I LOVE this idea. Last year my sister got me a tea Advent calendar, and it reminded me of how much fun Advent calendars could be. As much as I love tea, a beer advent calendar might be even better. My siblings would absolutely love these as gifts. We all love craft beer and have been trying to support our local breweries during the pandemic, so I might try and tackle this all with local beers!

    1. Katherine

      I’ve done purchased advent calendars in the past, from gifts to chocolate, to beer. And I have always been sad with the selection, so now I can have what I like! I hope you can make it work out also!

  11. Britt K

    I LOVE this idea! My husband is a craft beer blogger and I could totally see him getting behind something like this… I think I’m going to have to make him an advent calendar this year lol!

    1. Katherine

      It’s worth it! I bought one for hubby last year, and it was fun, but the foaming beer made us lose our appetite so I thought I would try our local craft breweries as well!

  12. Kate

    This is a cute idea. I will definitely share with friends. Any ideas for doing a wine related one?

    1. Katherine

      I was thinking of what to do with wine as I have some wine friends, but I think a bottle of wine a night might be a bit much! Someone suggested one per week, so I’m still thinking about it!

  13. Cassie

    I know so many of my friends and family that would absolutely love this as a gift! This is so creative, and I Iove it. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Katherine

      Thank you for the kind comments! Hopefully your friends and family were able to get set up!

  14. Tina

    This is such a fun idea! I think men will love this!

  15. Sara

    That is so fantastic; I’d do a gluten free one for my Hubs! Pinned 🙂

  16. Yolanda

    This is SO creative – I absolutely love! My Dad would go crazy for this.

    1. Katherine

      It’s super easy to make! Hopefully you have time to help him out with it! There is a free printable/cuttable PDF in the sign up sheet.

  17. Mpinane

    This seems so fun. I don’t drink, but LOVE chocolate so I think I can do it as a way to reward myself after a workday!😂

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