Welcome To the Crafting Page!

Hi!  Welcome to the Crafting Page! 

I seem to do a lot of crafts, so I have tried to organize them in several categories to keep things easy…. Hopefully that worked!  Check out the categories below and see where you want to go!

finished box open 2

Paper Crafts

All things paper crafts are found here!

learning to sew


Sewing tips and ideas are found here! I'm not an expert sewer yet, so these ideas are basic but helpful!


Tips and Tricks

General Tips and Tricks around crafting. I focus on Cricut, canvas and general craft type tips.

final restoration

Up Cycling

You can always find junk around the house that can be made new again! That's what we do here!

shirt 4


All things vinyl! From shirts, to hat, to decals and more.

reverse canvas


Looking for idea on how to work with canvas? This is the place to go!

Stove cover cut wood

Wood Projects

Crafty projects that involve wood. Some are easy, some a bit more time consuming but all fun!

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  1. Roxanne Malloy

    Hi Katherine!
    So far so good 👍 I haven’t been kicked out of your website yet 😉 Thank you for all your interesting and lovely, fun projects!!

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