Welcome To the Kids Zone!

Hi!  Welcome to the Kids Zone! 

I wasn’t totally sure what to call this pages, as it’s more of a page for parents to navigate through to help with kids, kids activities, ideas for kids accessories and the likes.  

Take a look at what’s happening here and come back often to see the updates!

osmo card stock tangrams

Learning & Games

You can find learning games reviews, and activities for kid here.


Kids Crafts

Need some raining day activities for your kids? Come check out ways to make a mess with your kids!

5 fish bows brown

Kids Accessores

I like to make things for my kids and personalize them. Here you can see what I have done to help give you inspiration!

barbie horse harness, a broken toy harness

Doll Accessories

I always end up making doll accessories for my kids, so you can check out how to do it as well here!

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