Nine Most Important Craft Supplies For My Success

Crafting can be busy work!

In the grand scheme of things, I’m still new to crafting.  I haven’t been doing it extensively for long.  I’m still only less than a year in.  But over that time, I have learned quite a lot about crafting.  I have learned there are nine important craft supplies that I need to succeed and still have fun.

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A little bit of back story

I haven’t always been crafty.  I have always liked to create things if I could, for cheaper and better than I could buy it.  It started with a simple ruler here, or a picture framed there.  Simple stuff.  Nothing too crazy.  But over time, I learned how to do a few things and realized I needed to be able to do more.  In this realization, I discovered nine important craft supplies that were vital to my success.

Nine Things I Can’t Live Without While Crafting

1 – My Kids

I know this sounds absurd, but my kids are my main source of inspiration for crafts.  Be it something they think of and ask me to do, or something that I think of while I see them playing.  But most of what I create is directly related to what they need/want.  Without them, I would be at a lack of ideas for crafting.

2 – My Cricut

Most of my crafts use my Cricut, in some way shape or form.  I will use it mainly to add accents and decals to my work, but there are so many possibilities that can be created with this machine that it is my go-to for all crafting.

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3 – Workspace

My workspace is typically a disaster.  It has piles of paper and glue and vinyl and material strewn all over the place.  Typically I can’t see the tabletop, but I still manage to find room to work.  I need this workspace to create.  Over time this space has grown.  One upon a time it was a simple sewing table, but not it is a sewing table, a countertop, a Cricut table, a fold-out table, and several sets of organizational shelves that I have acquired.  But this space helps me work.  Mess and all! 

4 – Sharp Scissors

Scissors are needed for so many things, but sharp scissors are key.  Ideally, each pair of sharp scissors has a specific purpose, but that will come in time.  I have a few pairs of scissors, some sharp and some that really should be put out of their misery, but they are scissors nonetheless.  I have ruined quite a few projects because I was using the wrong scissors or scissors that are not sharp enough.  Sharp scissors are key.

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5 – My Iron

I like to make custom shirts, but it doesn’t stop there.  I customize almost everything in my house.  Having twins makes this a must. Especially when they have the same taste on so many things.  I will customize hatsshirtscapes, thermos’, you name it!  So, typically I will use my Cricut to make and cut the design, and then I’ll iron it onto the required items.  Typically I use heat-transfer-vinyl as it stays put for a long time.

6 – My Amazon Prime Account

This may sound like a sales pitch, but my Amazon Prime Account has saved me sooo much money and helped me make projects in time!  I first tried out that 30-day free trial, and I diligently kept track of how much I was spending, specifically how much shipping would have cost.  By the time I was at 15 days in, I had already “saved” twice the amount of the yearly membership on shipping.    Now, you might argue that I’m spending more money because of the convenience, which could be true, but most things I buy are “needed” and I would otherwise have to go to the store with 3 kids to get these items.    So, this is a must.  And as much as I don’t like all the internet algorithms that profile me, I love the fact that they know what I’m looking for and make my searches easier!

7 – My Glue Gun

Glue is an amazing invention!  It can fix so many of life’s problems!  I use my glue gun weekly, if not more often.  It is often used for my crafting needs, but it’s also great at fixing broken toys!  Toys these days aren’t made like they used to be, so things break quickly, either that, or my kids just don’t take care of their toys….?  But glue gun, all the way!

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8 – Time to Myself

This is a funny one, but it’s really hard to be crafty and creative and create anything when you don’t have time for yourself!  My kids love me, and love to hang out with me, and love to watch me craft, but when they are asking me a million questions a minute about what I’m doing, it’s hard to focus.  So, I need time to myself to focus, gather my thoughts, and create.

9 – Ideas Notebook

I need to write everything down when I think of it, or I’ll forget it.  So many great project ideas have been lost because I didn’t write them down.  I try to keep things organized and I mainly use a  notebook to keep track of my ideas.  These ideas will then be transposed into my Trello organizer where I can add more thoughts to it, and I also put them into a schedule so I can make sure they get done before they are needed.  My biggest struggle with this is remembering to have my notebook handy, but with technology these days, I’m always able to leave myself a note electronically to add to the list.  Although this is the last item on my list, it’s probably among the most important craft supplies listed.

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Final Thoughts

At my house, crafting seems to be a way of life now and I hesitate to say that.  I do lots of crafty things, but I hope that I’m not that crazy mom who makes all these weird things and places them around the house. 

My nine important craft supplies help me have my time and it helps me spend quality time with my kids.  I think it’s a nice way to get away from all the chaos of life and enjoy the simple things.

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  1. hari

    wow! this is so amazing!
    using your kids as an inspiration is seriously great.
    all the very best in your crafting journey!

  2. Lisa Marie Alioto

    It sounds like you have a great set-up here. I wish I was more crafty!

  3. Britt K

    Great tips. I have been seeing a lot of fun Cricut crafts as of late and have been seriously considering picking one up myself. I feel like it would open the door to so much fun! I have been saving up a little here and there with a side hustle that I’ve been doing, planning on spending it on something for me as a treat when the time was right. Now I think I know what that ‘something’ will be lol

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