Make Flower Stickers With Your iPhone and Cricut

Okay, so I discovered a really cool thing with my iPhone (and iPad, for that matter), and I had to share it with you! I learned how to make stickers of pictures taken on my iPhone. Then, I learned how to turn them into stickers on my Cricut! This is totally mind-blowing for me! Sorry, you must endure my enthusiasm, as this is just great! So, I thought I would start by making flower stickers, as I have a camera roll full of flowers on my phone. So, let’s learn how to make flower stickers with your iPhone and Cricut!

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Supplies Need to make Flower Stickers with your iPhone and Cricut

Okay, so we need a few things to make this project work:

  1. An iPhone or an iPad.
  2. A Cricut – I use my Cricut Explore Air 2, but any of the Explore series or Makers will work.
  3. Access to Cricut Design Space.
  4. A printer – I use my Epson ET-2850.
  5. Sticker Paper – I find that the Cricut Brand works well. I’m sure others do too but I have not tried them yet.

And that’s all we need to get this project started!

Let’s take some Pictures of Flowers!

So, the first thing you need to do is take some pictures of flowers. I know it’s late in the season for that, but you might have a million of them on your phone already.

Okay, now that we have pictures, let’s make stickers on our iPhones.

If you don’t have any flower pictures, you can check out my shop HERE. I have flower pictures that are ready to upload to Cricut Design Space!

How to make Flower stickers on your iPhone

This is a super cool feature I just learned. I was trying to figure something else out, but this came up in my searches, and I had to share.

Pull up the pictures that you like.

Now, place your finger on the image. So, in my case, I am using a flower. I will touch and HOLD the flower for about 3 seconds. Then, all of a sudden, your screen will have a white line, almost like lightning appear, and it will float over the them you are holding.

flower stickers with iPhone

Then, select the Share… option that shows up on your screen. This will open up your menu for sharing. Select Save Image. Now, the image is saved in your pictures folder.

flower stickers with iPhone

There is no background, nothing. Just the image that you selected. Repeat these above steps on as many flowers as your heart desires.

flower stickers with iPhone

Upload your Flower Sticker Images to Cricut Design Space

You can use Cricut Design Space on your Desktop, iPhone or iPad. If you are using your Desktop, you will need to either email your files to yourself, get them from your iCloud, or connect yourself to your computer to transfer the files. If you are using your iPhone or iPad you can upload directly to Design Space.

So, we are going to do our standard upload to Cricut Design Space. On a new canvas select:

  • Select the Upload Icon
  • Select Upload Image
  • Select the Browse button so that you can upload the image you want to upload from either your computer or iPhone/iPad
  • Select the Complex Image Type and click Continue
  • Your image should not require any modifications at this point. If you want to delete bits of stuff that got caught from the original picture, you can do that now. Once happy with the details, hit the Apply & Continue Button
  • Select the Print then Cut Image option, add a file name if you want to change it from what is currently given, and add some tags if you wish.
  • Hit the Upload button
  • The file will now be in your Cricut Design Space. Select the file from the menu below and hit the Add to Canvas button.

The flower is now in Design Space!

Repeat the upload steps above to upload as many flower stickers as your heart desires.

Making Flower Stickers In Cricut Design Space

Now that the flowers are in Cricut Design Space, we have a few things that we can do. We can print and cut them as they are or add an outline to the flowers. So, let’s walk through those steps.

Add an outline to your flower stickers

I like to have a white outline around my stickers. Maybe this is old school, but it’s just me. I think the main reason I like this is that when cutting the files out, if something is misaligned, the whole flower will still be cut out, and only the outline will be messed up.

So, let’s add an outline to our stickers.

Select the flower that you have uploaded to Design Space.

Select Offset. Adjust the slider to the right or left to increase or decrease the outline around your flower. I like to have a nice edge around it, so about 0.25″.

flower stickers with Cricut Design Space

Once happy with the offset distance and appearance on your screen, hit the Apply button to accept the changes.

Your offset may be set to white, but it may be a different color. Let’s quickly select the Offset and change the color to white or any color you prefer.

If you have moved the offset of the flower, select both items and select the Align menu, and select the Center option. This will center the offset to the flower both vertically and horizontally.

center vertically and horizontally

Next, we need to select both the flower and offset and select the Flatten Button, located at the bottom right of your screen, if you are using your desktop. This will join the two elements together for print and cut.


Now, adjust the size of the flower to fit your desired dimensions.

Once happy with your flower and offset, repeat the above steps on all the other flowers on your canvas.

When all of your flowers are ready for print and cutting, hit Make it.

Review your flower and their locations on the print and cut sheet. Make sure all of your flowers are connected (aka Flattened) to their offset. If they are not all connected, there will be offsets floating around by themselves. Should this be the case, hit Cancel and go back to your canvas to make changes. If you do not like the locations, move items around to save as much sticker paper as possible. Once happy, hit Continue.

flower stickers with your iphone and Cricut

Now, it’s time to set up the print on your printer. As this is the same for print and cut for both with and without offsets, I’ll talk about this in a moment, below.

Print and Cut Flowers without an Offset

If you want the flowers you uploaded to be printed into stickers without an outline, or an offset as it’s called in Cricut Design Space, there are only a few items that we need to do, so let’s get started.

Check out the size of your flowers. Go to your dimensions, and adjust the flowers to the size that you want. You can make them bigger or smaller, and you can even change the proportions to make your flower look a bit different. Once happy with the size, hit Make it.

Review your flower and their locations on the print and cut sheet. If you do not like the locations, move items around to save as much sticker paper as possible. Once happy, hit Continue.

Now it’s time to set up our print on the printer

Print and Cut Flower Stickers

Now that our flowers are arranged on the print and cut mat, it is time to send them to the printer. Some important points to note while doing this:

  1. You need to have your printer set up on your computer, iPad or iPhone. If you are working on your iPad and have never done a print and cut on your iPad, you need to calibrate your printer and Cricut. The same goes for your laptop. If you have calibrated for one, it does not mean it will work for the other.
  2. Make sure you know which way to load your sticker paper. Not all printers are the same! I like to do a test print on a regular piece of paper just to make sure.
  3. Select Send to Printer – this will bring up a printer menu. Select the printer you want to use.
flower stickers being printed

Once your flowers have been printed, it is time to place them on the cutting mat. Make sure to press the paper down onto the mat firmly. I like to use my scraper tool to push it down all the way. But just in case the ink is still a bit wet, I will place my cutting mat protective sheet over the sticker paper and press down on it through the protective cover.

flower stickers on Cricut cutting mat

Set your Cricut Dial to Custom and select Printable Sticker Paper, White. I have found that this setting works for Cricut Sticker Paper and generic brand sticker paper.

Now, select the flashing arrow button on your Cricut and feed the cutting mat into the machine.

The Cricut may take a while to print out your sticker, depending on how intricate and how many you have.

And that’s it! You’re Done! Your Flower Stickers With Your iPhone and Cricut are complete!

flower stickers with your iphone and Cricut

Things I learned while making Flower Stickers on my iPhone

So, for this project, I have learned a LOT of cool things. So, let’s review what I have learned from making flower stickers with your iPhone and Cricut:

  1. This sticker feature is available on iPhones and iPads.
  2. This sticker feature is great for anything. You don’t need to just use pictures of flowers, but you can also take pictures of people, statues, bugs, or whatever you want!
  3. The best stickers come from things that you are purposefully isolating. So, when I was taking these flower pictures for example, if the flower had multiple colors and someone was close behind, it had a really hard time differentiating between the two and would make the sticker include more than I wanted.
  4. I have not figured out how to modify the stickers – so if you get more stuck in your image than you want, I have not found an easy way on the iPhone or iPad to make modifications to it.
  5. Using these stickers in Cricut Design Space is super easy and I think I need much much much more sticker paper!
  6. No matter what I upload into Cricut Design Space, the size is always off. Most of the time, it is way too big, so it is important to always adjust the size when a file is uploaded into DS.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Flower Stickers With Your iPhone and Cricut

So, I have been asked a few questions about making Flower stickers with your iPhone and Cricut, so let’s do a quick Q&A.

Can you make stickers of anything with your iPhone/ipad?

Yes! Yes, you can! You can follow the steps I laid out for making stickers with your iPhone and make stickers out of it. It can be done with people, pets, places. You may need to crop the image if there are too many things going on around it. This will the program get what you want.

Can I make Stickers with my Ipad?

Yes, this same method works with your iPad. This feature has been around for a long time, but not everyone knows about it. It was around for quite a few generations of i-products.

Did you enjoy this tutorial on making flower stickers?

Did you enjoy this tutorial on making flower stickers with your iPhone and Cricut? I hope so! Let me know if it worked out for you! And share your project results with me! I want to know how it turned out!

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