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So, I’ve done a few tutorials on cards to date, but I thought I would do another one, just in case you need more ideas on how to make your own cards.  Now, laugh if you must, but I was watching someone make cards the other day, and they did some cool techniques that I hadn’t thought of.  And that reminded me, that even though I know how to do things, doesn’t mean everyone else does.   And even a little quick and easy tip might help someone, so here we are, with a quick and easy how to make cards.

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How to make an Easy Card

Ok, so this can be for any event.  It can be a birthday, a holiday, an anniversary, whatever the event may be.  The basics of all cards are the same.  

What You Need:

  1. Paper to make the card with

Accent Options

  1. Pens, Makers
  2. Paint
  3. Decals
  4. Cutting Machine
  5. Stamps

Let’s Begin!

Cut and Fold the card

You will need to get paper that will make a card for one of these sizes, but really, it can be any size you want.

Standard Card sizes are:

  • 4.25″ x 5.5″
  • 4.5″ x 6.25″
  • 5″ x 7″

Remember, you are going to be folding the paper, so if you want a 5″x7″ card, you need a 10″ x 7″ paper.

Next is the tricky part – we need to fold the paper to make the card… I gest, it’s not hard.  But it does require the most precision.

If you are using card stock, this requires some practice to get a nice straight edge on the corner.  I typically score a line down the fold line to get a spot for my fold first.

Or if I’m using my Cricut, I get it to cut and score the card for me.

After you have completed the fold, it’s a good idea to run a smooth straight edge over the bend, just to make it shuts a bit better.  But this is not required.

blank custom card

Add a design to the front of the card

Ok, so the hard part is done.  The card is cut and folded.  Now all you need to do is add something onto the front to make it fit the event.   Below is a list of examples of several different methods that can be used to design the front of your card.  Keep in mind that some of these cards are better suited to kids, and some are better suited to adults.  

Pen & marker Design

When I’m in a pinch for a card, I like to get my kids to draw something on the front.  They enjoy coloring, so this is a great way to make a personalized card.  These are great for family events, especially older aunts and grandparents.  They love these kinds of cards from the little ones.

If you are good at drawings, this is your time to shine.  

I am not good at drawings, so here is an example of something my kids put together recently on a birthday card.

how to make cards with markers

Paint Design

This is the same concept as above.  However, instead of using a pen and marks,  paint is used for the design.

Remember this can get messy and requires a bit more time as the paint needs to dry.  So this is not a great last-minute card, but easy nonetheless.

how to make cards with paint

Decal Design

I make all my own decals, but you can buy them also.  It’s basically a sticker that you can adhere to the front of the card.

I will use my Cricut to make and cut a design suited for the occasion, a simple design that has meaning to the recipient.  

The design and cut don’t take very long, and adhering is quick.  

A quick tip, it is a good idea to hold the card down with painter’s tape or a book around the edges.  Often if the decal is large the card will lift up onto the decal just before you find the final location for it to sit, and then you are stuck with a decal that is off-center or askew.

how to make cards decal

Cut the Card Design

Getting a bit more advanced with card making techniques, if you have a cutting machine, like a Cricut or a Silhouette you can make and cut a design. 

With Cricut, there are many free and purchasable card designs that you can cut and use.  Or you can design your own.

You can use fancy paper or simple white paper, or colored card stock.  The options for this are endless. 

If you are experienced with making cards this way, you will know this is not a quick 2-minute activity.  This method can get you carried away with designing and picking the perfect paper. But I like to have several cards premade by this method so they are always handy.

how to make cut cards

Stamp the design

If you are a fan of stamps, or if your kids have lots of stamps, you can make a design on the front of the card with stamps. 

There are lots of elaborate stamps you can use to a make very intricate and beautiful design. 

Or, if you are like me, you can let your kids go to town with their stamps and call it a day!

how to make stamp cards

And That’s It! You’re Done!

how to make cards

Additional Tips and Tricks

The above are basic card designs, but they work great for any occasion.  The nice thing about most of these is you can have them ready and waiting and then just add the comments when you need them.  

Some additional tricks I have learned along the way include:

1. Adding a sentiment onto a card is a nice touch.  This can be done either by printing it off or writing it on by hand (if you have nice penmanship). A simple Happy Birthday or Seasons Greetings made on an accent paper and placed onto the card will really make a card pop.

2.  Having cards made up in advance and ready for any event is really handy.  You never know when you will need a card.    So simple decal or painted cards are great for these spur of the moment events.

3.  Remember, it does not have to be perfect.  It can be off-center or the wrong color or even done last minute.  The recipient will love it no matter what.

Final Thoughts

It’s always nice to get a homemade card from someone.  I find there is a bit more care and meaning in those cards.  Cards from the store with the standard hallmark statement just don’t do it for me.  I can barely be bothered to read the inside if it’s preprinted, and I know others are like that also.   Making a card and inscribing a personalized message has a different kind of personal value.  

So if you get or give a card that was hand made, you know they are worth more.

Was this Tutorial Helpful?

Did you find this tutorial on how to make cards helpful?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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This Post Has 16 Comments

  1. I love making cards . Ever since I got my Cricut Joy I have been looking for reasons to make cards. DO you really need a reason….NOPE! People just love to get cards that are made and sent from the heart. Thanks for all of these ideas.

    1. Katherine

      I have moods where I’m in the mood to make cards or other crafty things, so I’ll do a whole bunch of cards at once and have them ready for when I need some. It’s so easy and handy and people love it!

  2. Britt K

    It’s so much fun to make your own cards! I have been looking at a Cricut as of late (so many different things that you can do with it) and I know if I do, I’ll definitely be making those cut-out cards to go with all of my gifts moving forward. I love how simple they are and yet they just pop and catch the eye!

    1. Katherine

      I love my cricut. I would use it all day if I could… but there are so many things to do, and the pre-designed cards are an added bonus! I have made more than I’m willing to admit!

  3. Laurence

    What a fun and simple craft idea! It will mean more to the recipient knowing that so much effort went in to it. With 2 young children Ill definitely be using this one day!

    1. Katherine

      My kids love making cards! And they are so used to it now, that they can whip up a card in 2 minutes flat as we’re getting ready to leave. 😉

  4. Maureen

    I need to remember your suggestion to make a bunch of cards in advance, rather than rushing at the last minute to make one up. I like putting my Cricut to good use!

    1. Katherine

      I always have a few lying around! Although I do need to restock after the holiday season!

  5. Sarah

    I love this idea. I think it’s something my kids would really enjoy using. I want to try the stamping and cutting for sure!

    1. Katherine

      Stamping is fun with kids… so long as they stay focused and stamp on the card and not the protective newspaper covering the table!

  6. Abby

    Informative article on how to design a card.

  7. Lisa

    This is a great idea!!! I am a big time card writer, and homemade cards are super fun to make. Making cards would be fun to do with my daughter, who is 6 and loves to write notes. 🙂

    1. Katherine

      My girls are 6 and they are all over making cards! They love it! I’m sure your daughter will too!

  8. Megan

    I actually treasure homemade cards. I wish more people made their own cards.

    I’m going to make more of an effort to make cards myself. It has to start somewhere and your tips are great!

    1. Katherine

      There’s so many ways to make great homemade cards, and if you set time aside ahead to make some for later, you can really customize and make fantastic cards. I highly recommend it!

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