Snowboard Carrying Straps

With winter finally starting here, it is time to pull out the winter sports gear! A long time ago, long before kids, I used to snowboard. And it was great. I loved it! And now my kids are old enough to snowboard! Yay! Well, they are old enough to snowboard, but they are also small enough that carrying their snowboards to and from the car is a hassle, and most times need help. So, thanks to my brother and his quick and easy design, I have made my kids some snowboard carrying straps. This is a super simple project that anyone can make. So, let’s jump in and make some snowboard carrying straps.

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Supplies needed to make snowboard carrying straps

There are more complicated ways to make these traps, but I was feeling lazy, so I opted for simple ones. Here is what I used:

  1. Nylon webbing – I have made these in different thicknesses, but I found that 1″ webbing works well, as does 2″ webbing. If the webbing you use is too wide, the straps will be difficult to use.
  2. 2 x tri-glide slides – These need to match your webbing size. So, if you are using 1″ webbing, you need 2 x 1″ tri-glide slides.
  3. Glue – I used my hot glue and glue gun, but if you are interested in a simple sewing project, you can use your sewing machine to sew this together.
  4. Lighter or matches – to burn ends of the nylon webbing.
  5. Snowboard – (or skis) because without the snowboard (or skis), there is no point having straps to carry them around.

Let’s Make some snowboard carrying straps

This is a quick one, so let’s jump right in.

Measure your straps

The length of the straps will depend on the size of your board. If you make these straps for kids’ snowboards, they will be shorter than for adult snowboards.

You want to use 1.5-2X the length of your snowboard. The longer the nylon the longer the shoulder strap you will have.

snowboard carrying straps measurements

I find that 1.5X the snowboard length is very tight, and makes putting the straps on a bit tight, especially with the 2″ webbing.

Before you cut the straps, you can do a quick measurement check – you want the straps to loop around the outside of the snowboard bindings and have a bit of slack between them so they can go over your shoulder. You also want to have 2-3 inches of surplus. With the nylon all laid out, you can try to pull the straps over the end of the board and see if you have enough nylon. If you are having trouble pulling the nylon over, you need more.

snowboard carrying straps measurements

Cut the straps, and use a lighter to melt the ends so they do not fray.

strap assembly

install the tri-glide slide

You will be doing the same installation on both sides of the nylon webbing.

Run the nylon webbing from the underside of the tri-glide slide, over the middle portion and back under. Then, pull the tri-glide slide far enough back so there is about 1-2 feet of webbing. Pull the end of the webbing back to the tri-glide slide, and pull in through and underneath on only the middle portion. Pull it under and over so you have about 1-2″ of webbing coming through.

strap assembly
strap assembly
strap assembly

Glue the Webbing

Now that your webbing is pulled through and looped around, apply some hot glue to the end of the nylon webbing and glue it to the other side. This will produce a small loop around the middle portion of your tri-glide slider.

snowboard carrying straps gluing

Repeat the installation of the tri-glide slide and glue on the other side of the nylon webbing.

And that’s it! Your Snowboard Carrying Straps are complete!

snowboard carrying straps final pic
snowboard carrying straps final pics

Things I learned while making snowboard carrying straps

I got this idea from my brother. He uses it for his kids’ skis. But even though he tried it out beforehand, there was still some learning taking place:

  1. I used glue to hold the webbing together. My hot glue is pretty strong so, I am not worried about it falling apart, but you may have issues with glue coming undone over time. Instead of glue, you could sew the tri-glide slide into place.
  2. I initially wanted to use 2″ webbing for all of the boards. And although it works great, the width of the webbing makes it harder to put the straps over the board. Especially the second end, as you are limited to how much slack you have. So I found 1″ worked better.
  3. Over time, you may find that the webbing starts to fray and get cut by the edges of the board. Adding extra padding inside the loops extending the life on the straps, is an option. I opted not to do that.
  4. If you want to use the same straps over the years as your kids grow and their boards get longer, you can make the straps longer to start. Keep in mind, that this will make the board hang lower on your kid when they carry it around, which may be a challenge for them when they are smaller.
  5. Having these straps is a lifesaver when it comes to snowboarding with little kids. I have 3 kids, and I can carry all of their boards and mine at the same time and still have my one hand free as they can all go over one shoulder.
  6. Also, these fit nicely into your pockets (especially the 1″ webbing size). You can have them all in your pockets while out and then have them handy at the end of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions about Snowboard Carrying Straps

How long does it take to make snowboard carrying straps?

The whole project takes about 5-10 minutes. Measuring the straps takes the longest.

How to make ski carrying straps?

These straps work well on both skis and snowboards. I use this for snowboards, but they can be used for skis, as well.

Do you need padding for snowboard carrying straps?

You do not need padding, but it can increase the life of the straps. Simply sewing some old fabric around the nylon webbing will give the straps extra protection from the blade on the board.

Does the snowboard carrying strap scratch the snowboard?

No. So long as you are keeping the tri-glide slide at the edge or on the front face of the board, the bottom of your board will not get scratched. Also, as the tri-glide slide is plastic, it will not ruin the blade edge of your board.

Did you enjoy this tutorial?

Did you enjoy this tutorial on how to make snowboard carrying straps? Let me know in the comments below. Also, let me know if you tried it and how it worked!

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