Last Day of School Signs

Another School Year Done For The Kids

This school year has been quite something different.  Everyone in the whole world was somehow impacted.  

I’m fortunate in that my kids are still small and it’s easy to shelter them from the big bad wolf.  They don’t like not seeing their friends and not going to school but being at home won’t traumatize them.  They will learn plenty at home.  

Remembering The Last Day

For quite some time now people have been buying and making first and last day of school signs. You can either get them in a chalkboard fashion or in a whiteboard fashion. The concept is that you have a pre-made board and you just fill in the five or six blanks for what your kid likes at that age/school grade and you have a picture of them with it.



I’ve considered making a sign with chalk paint but then I have to store it somewhere. I have a small house and I really don’t like clutter and things pile up fast in a small house.

At first I painstakingly tried to write it out (nicely) by hand.  But this would take way too much time and my penmanship is worse than that of a first grader. 


So what I’ve done instead of making a chalkboard sign or whiteboard sign or even writing it out by hand again, is I have made a template to print off. I print it off (or in my case use my Cricut as I don’t have a printer) at the beginning and end of the school year and I fill in the blanks with my kids. This way I’m only using two sheets of paper, maybe four if I messed things up. And most importantly I don’t have to worry about storing extra stuff around the house and I can always just make one at the end of the year.

School's Out For Summer!

It’s hard to believe that the school year is almost over.

We just have one week left of classes here.  Even thought the last 3 months have been some weird form of homeschooling.  


At the start of the year I took pictures of the kids as they went off to school on their first day.  I didn’t buy a fancy pre-made sign.  I just used pen and paper.

Now that the school year is done, I’m going to one up and use my own pre-made sign on paper.  

My kids still have a long way to go until they are done school, so I will be printing off this for several more years.  

I’ve attached several files that you can download and print and use yourself instead of buying a pricey sign.  I have tried to label them so that they are easy to understand and I have user note below.  Hopefully the make your life a bit easier!  And save you from buying a pre-made sign


Sign Files:

Note about all files:

All PDF and all SVG files only have text for Name, Last Day of, Date.  The samples shown above are examples to illustrate what should be put into those spots.  You will need to fill this in by hand/Design Space/other

Note about SVG files:

I have created the SVG files so that they are compatible with Cricut Design Space.  Sometimes when they are uploaded to Cricut there is an errors indicating that the “text” will not be imported.  This is not the case.  The text will import.  Just Click Ok and carry on.

If you want to have your Cricut Draw the words on paper,  you will need to make several changes to the files:

1) Select each text portion and change from Cut to Draw. You will have to do each work section individually (sorry)

2) Once you change to Draw, my colour scheme will be replaced by black and white (if you chose the colour SVG).  You will need to apply different colours if you want different colours drawn and you will need different mark colours as well.

3)  You will need to Attach the whole section so that it will print on an 8.5″x11″ paper.

4) You can add the missing details in Design space or you can do them by hand.  If you do them in design space, they will also need to be attached to the section in item 3) above so they draw in the correct spots.  Again, colours can be applied to these if desired.

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