10 Easy Father’s Day Gifts

Father's Day is Coming!

It’s hard to believe but Father’s Day is just under 2 weeks away. In years past I have planned the Father’s Day gift months in advance. I have made and purchased items for Father’s Day before Mother’s Day is even on the radar!  This year I have dropped the ball on Father’s Day.  There is less than 2 weeks… and so far I have nothing… So I thought this would be a good time to look at my options.

Easy Gift Idea for Father's Day

My kids are little so they require help making most Father’s Day gifts.  The below is a list of things I have helped my kids make/purchase for their dad in the past but they are all easy to repeat. 

  1. Homemade Card  – This always goes over well  and depending on the age of your children they can do most of the work by themselves.  I also use my faithful Cricut to make a card from me.
  2. Hand Prints in Paint – Just use some coloured paints ( & glitter if you want).  Framing is optional.  This requires a bit of coordination on mom’s part to make sure the hand prints land on the paper and turn out decent. Also,  younger kids need more help with making this turn out.  
  3. Hand Prints in Clay – same idea as above but requires clay.  Roll the clay out and squeeze your kids hand in.  I have tried lots of different salt dough recipes and they never work out or last long.  Go with clay.  Needs a few days to dry, but Dad will be happy even if it’s not totally dry.  Framing optional but if it’s secured to something it’s less likely to get lost.
  4. Drawing – This is simple.  Kids draw something and give it to dad.  Again, framing is optional.
  5. Painting – To me this is a bit different than drawing as I use a canvas for the kids to paint.  Requires some help from mom, but mostly it’s all just kids and mess.
  6.  Custom Homemade Shirt – These are fairly simple.  Buy a blank shirt from your local craft store or just a plain shirt from any clothing/all purpose store.  Acrylic paint doesn’t wash out of clothes so this is good to use or there are shirt markers that you can use as well.  Again, you can do hand prints or foot prints or let the kiddos draw something up.
  7. Custom Shirt – There are lots of places that sell custom shirts and Father’s Day is always a big seller.  You can design your own and have it made or depending on your craftiness level you can do it yourself.  I used to buy shirts but I have started making my own as it’s cheaper.
  8.  Framed Picture of Kids – Simple enough – set your kids up for a picture, take 1,000 pictures of them together in some cute setting and hope one of them turns out.  Frame it.  Done.  This works much better if you have the kids individually and buy a larger frame (with 2 or 3 picture windows) as it is nearly impossible to get all children facing the camera and smiling at the same time.   This is all mom and very little kids help.
  9. Growth Chart – This really depends on how old your kids are.  If they are young this will work. If they are older… you  might have missed the boat. Again, lots of people sell these but they are simple to make.  You just need a piece of wood about 6ft x 1.5ft, stain it, and make some height marks on it (sharpies work great).  Mom does all the upfront work but then you have years of memories ready for you.
  10. Silly Purchased Gift From Kids – (This one is hard this year on account of the lock-down, but some areas are opened and some are opening up or you could purchase online).  In the past I have taken the kids shopping.  They select a toy for dad that they want to play with him with.  Set a price limit like $5 or $10 and have at it.  My kids got a kick out of this, and they still play with those toys with dad years later.  

Added Bonus

As an added bonus – most of the gift ideas above are awesome keepsakes to have from your children.  As a mom, I help make these a bit extra special by putting them in frames and whatnot.  I will go the extra mile with them. That way it’s also secretly a gift for me.  😛


I have not created any tutorials on how to make the above listed items.  This is mainly because there is less than 2 weeks until Father’s Day and I haven’t started planning yet.  But if you’re interested in learning how to do any of the above items, drop a note in the comments section and I’ll get a tutorial up as quickly as I can.

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