How to Make a Beer Koozie

In the past, I have always just purchased beer koozies when I’ve been out and about. However, with the inflated price and the limited design options available where I live, I have decided to learn how to make a beer koozie. Now I can have a surplus for when friends and family come over, and I can make whatever design I want. Keep reading to learn how to make it on both the heat press and with an iron.

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Supplies needed to Make Beer Koozies

This project wasn’t able to use existing bits and pieces from around the house, so here is the list of what I used:

  1. Beer Koozie Blanks – I bought these on Amazon, and they work great so far.
  2. Designs for your Koozies – I created my own, and you can get a copy from my library or you can make your own.
  3. HTV Vinyl – I used this black and white HTV vinyl again from Amazon.
  4. Cutting Machine – I use my Cricut Explore Air 2, but any cutting machine will work.
  5. Iron or Heat Press – This craft can be done with either a heat press or an iron. I used my CoZ Heat Press and my Sunbeam Iron.
  6. Teflon Paper
blank beer koozies

Make a Design for your Beer Koozie

You can jot down some words in Design Space and send them to Make It. Or you can buy some SVGs of neat sayings, or you can sign up for my newsletter and get a copy of my designs.

Once you are happy with the sizes and colors you have selected to cut them with, simply send the design to be cut with your cutting machine.

Since we are using HTV vinyl, we just need to do a quick weeding of the surplus HTV vinyl and no need to worry about transfer sheets.

koozie designs

Preparing your Beer Koozies

Regardless if you are using an iron or a heat press, you need to prepare your beer koozies before you can apply the HTV vinyl onto them.

This is really simple. All you need to do is apply heat with an iron or heat press to remove any moisture in the koozies and make sure they are flat and wrinkle-free.

Once you have done that, you are ready to press the design onto the koozie.

How to Make a Beer Koozie with an Iron

When using an iron to apply HTV Vinyl, it is best to use a cotton setting. Many irons no longer show temperature ranges, but typically an iron cotton setting ranges at about 204C/400F. This temperature is higher than most HTV recommendations, but I find this works best. Below is a list of typical temperatures for different material settings on an iron to help you pick the right temperature for your HTV vinyl.

  • Synthetic – 135C/275F
  • Silk – 148C/300F
  • Wool – 148C/300F
  • Cotton – 204C/400F
  • Linen – 230C/445F

Once your iron is to temperature, place the design onto the Koozie. Try to make sure it is straight.

I use Teflon paper to keep my iron and projects safe, so I will cover my koozie with the design in place with the Teflon paper and press the iron on top.

Using an iron requires that you apply pressure to the design to help the HTV vinyl stick. I will typically lean my whole body on the iron to get a good amount of pressure. If you do not apply pressure, the design will either not stick or come off very quickly after use.

How to make a beer koozie with an iron

How to make a beer koozie with a heat press

When working with my heat press, I have the luxury of setting the temperature to the exact setting I need based on the HTV vinyl instructions. However, I have found that my heat press, when set to 300F is the sweet spot, and all vinyl seems to adhere with no issues.

Again, using Teflon paper to keep my heat press and project safe, I apply the design to the koozie, cover it with my Teflon paper and close the heat press on top. With neoprene I have found that 15 seconds is enough time to adhere to the vinyl.

The nice bit about using the heat press is that you can do multiple koozies at one time.

How to make a beer koozie with a heat press

And that’s it! You’re Beer Koozies are done!

How to make a beer koozie - final designs

Watch the video of how to make beer koozies instead

Don’t feel like reading all the details? Check out my video below.

Frequently asked Questions

Do I need to use a heat press to make Beer Koozies? Can I use an Iron to make Beer Koozies?

You do not need a heat press. An iron will suffice. This project is much faster with a heat press, but it is not required. I use my heat press because I have one. If I didn’t, I would just use my iron.

Where do you get beer koozie designs?

You can create your own design, or make similar ones to those found online. You can also sign up for my newsletter and get a copy of my designs.

How Long does it take to make beer koozies?

An individual koozie takes about 5-10 minutes from start to finish. But the more you make, the less time it takes. I made 12 koozies in under 30 minutes.

Are custom beer koozies machine washable?

Yes, you can machine wash your custom beer koozies. Just don’t put them in the dry, as it can melt the neoprene of the koozie, and it can also ruin the vinyl.

Did you find this tutorial helpful?

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