How to paint with vinyl on canvas

At my house, there is never a shortage of crafting going on. Recently we have been on a kick for making canvas paintings. But as we are all severely lacking in the painting skillset, we need to create new and creative solutions to make fantastic artwork. And this is how we stumbled on how to paint with vinyl on canvas to make a masterpiece.

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Painting Over Vinyl on Canvas

This activity only takes about 20-30 minutes and is easy for children and adults of all ages.

What You Need:

  1. Canvas – any size will work but do not go too big, especially if you have little kids doing this activity.
  2. Paint
  3. Vinyl decal – I do this using my Cricut, but there are many ways you can do this.
  4. Glitter –  as always, this is optional.

Let’s Begin!

Select your Vinyl Decal

The first step is to pick out a vinyl decal. I picked out this sunflower from Design Space, as it is easy to weed and easy to transfer.  And frankly, I like it.

But if you are looking to make your own, you can check out this link here.   Just stop before you change to design to draw, and just cut it.

creating vinyl design

Apply the Vinyl Decal to Canvas

Select a canvas.  Remember, the larger the canvas, the longer it will take to paint.

Once you have selected the canvas, apply your vinyl decal.

applying vinyl to canvas

Start Painting

Let the mess begin! Start Painting! Paint the canvas, paint over the vinyl decal, paint in between the lines. Or you can imagine this is a paint by numbers picture and carefully paint each section win the vinyl to add some beautiful detail.

paint with vinyl on canvas
paint with vinyl on canvas
paint with vinyl on canvas

Remove the vinyl Decal

Either by using your fingernail, a pen, a needle, or any small pointy edge, find a spot to peel the vinyl.  

If you have used permanent vinyl, you may need to use a bit of force, but the vinyl will come off.

Make sure you peel all of the vinyl off. This is where it is handy to have a thick design. We tried it with thin lines, and some vinyl got lost under the paint.  It is now a permanent part of the artwork.

paint with vinyl on canvas

glitter, anyone?

In my house, it is all about glitter, so we added glitter to the wet paint.  

Again, this is optional.  

And That’s It! You’re Done!

paint with vinyl on canvas

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Things I learned along the way

  1. Remember to size the canvas according to your kids’ age. A 5-6-year-old can work on a 10×8 to a 12×10 canvas comfortably. Anything larger will be a challenge to finish. For example, a 14×10 canvas is too big for a 5-6-year-old. Unless you want this craft to go one for 2-3 days… which you probably do not
  2. Working with a vinyl decal that has thick lines is easier than a thin one. When peeling the decal off the painted vinyl, thick sections hold together better.
  3. If using permanent vinyl, once you apply the vinyl decal to your canvas, your time is limited. But as the name suggests, it is permanent. Once it adheres and dries, it is hard to peel. I used permanent vinyl as I have an abundance of it, and I find it much cheaper than removable vinyl.
  4. If you use glitter, I recommend throwing the excess glitter away. No one will know. And I have yet to see the day where my kids use combined colorful glitter. I would love for this extra glitter to be used, as I now have a mason jar full of multi-colored glitter.
  5. My final design has a white background from the canvas. But you can paint the canvas first.  Once the paint is dry, apply the vinyl, and add more paint. This will provide more color and depth to the picture. However, this will require a bit more time as you will need to wait for the paint to dry.

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  1. erica

    So cute! I’ll have to bust my cricut out of storage and try this!

    1. Katherine

      It really is fun! My kids did them with me, but they wanted certain princess characters, so I had to post pics of mine instead. It’s well worth the fun!

  2. Brittany

    That’s it, I’ve definitely got to get me a cricut! This will make Crafts with my son so much easier!

    1. Katherine

      It really is a great tool to help with crafting. I’m hoping when my son is older I can get him involved somehow. Let me know how you’re likes it if you take the plunge!

    1. Katherine

      It really is so much fun! And kids love it!

  3. Aditi

    Wow! So beautiful and simple. Can’t wait to try this with the kids! Thanks!

    1. Katherine

      Let me know how it turns out. My kids enjoy it and we currently have their entire room cover in painting, many are of this type.

  4. Lisa

    This is an awesome idea and a step above just regular painting. Since we have a couple more months of colder weather, I may have to try this project with my daughter!

    1. Katherine

      This is a great Saturday afternoon craft. It doesn’t take very long and the results turn out great.

  5. Erin

    Great idea! It turned out beautifully! I love using Cricuts for crafting! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Jeanie

    use contac paper instead of vinyl

  7. Scout

    How pretty! Thanks for sharing how to do this 🙂

  8. Shekal

    So pretty! I’d love to try that.

  9. Andrea Santogrosso

    This is such a beautiful technique. Your steps were also easy to follow. Thank you!

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