How to Make Fairy Wings with Your Cricut

What doll doesn’t need Fairy Wings?

Kids are hilarious. They can have a toy in a box for months and months. It can be sitting there untouched, gathering dust forever. But the minute you move it, give it away or throw it out, they have a sixth sense that instantly tells them they need this item. This is what happened at my house.  Thus the creation of how to make fairy wings for dolls is now a tutorial on my site. 

Welcome to my disaster of fairy wings.

I had fairies with wings. They were never played with, so they were moved into the basement in a box. They sat in the box for at least three months prompting me to gave them away. I swear, not five minutes after those fairies left the house, I hear “Where are my fairies? I need my fairies!” Queue crying.

In an attempt to save the day, I went to my crafting area to see what surplus materials I had lying around to see if I could make some new fairy wings for their dolls. It took some tinkering but I made it work! Now any doll can be a fairy! This is a much better solution as they have about 1000 dolls.

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How to Make Fairy Wings with your Cricut

What better way to add to junk in your house while making more toys for your kids than making fairy wings for dolls!  Follow the below steps to make fairy wings for your dolls as well!

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What you need:

  1. Dolls – I used Barbie dolls, but you can do the same for any doll.
  2. Acetate Sheets or Plastic about 0.4mm thick, can be clear or colored.  (I used a protective sheet from a canvas pack but the plastic cutting boards, old cutting mats, binder dividers would work also).
  3. Cutting machine (I use my Cricut Air 2) or sharp knife
  4. Design Space (DS)
  5. Stickers or permanent vinyl
  6. Adhesive Velcro

Let’s Begin!

Select Your Wing Design

  1.  Find the wings you want.  There are several ways to get the wing shape.
    1. If you have a Cricut product, you can go into DS and look for butterfly wings.  
    2. Draw it by hand and upload it to DS.
    3. Google Butterfly wings and upload them to DS.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I am just using a set from DS.  A quick search shows there are lots of free and paid butterfly wings to choose from.  I’m going to use the free pink ones in the middle of the top row.

selecting fairy wings

2. Import the wings and size them to fit your doll.  My kids use Barbie dolls and dolls of similar size, so I took a ruler and figured out how big the wings could be.   In this case, I did 6″ for height.

3.  Optional step – if you have a scoring stylus you can add 2 score lines on the wings to bend  them later.

how to make fairy wings

Cutting The Fairy Wings

4. Hit Make It in DS.

5.  Verify the placement of your design on the mat and click continue.

6.  Make sure you set the dial on your Cricut to CUSTOM.   This will allow you to choose the material that you are cutting.  

7. Search in All Materials for Plastics -> select Stencil Film as shown on the right.  (I have also used the Cutting Mat Protector setting.)

8. Adjust the Pressure from Default to More

fairy wing material selection

9.  Once the cut is complete, do not remove the mat from the machine.  Do not hit the flashing arrows to feed the machine.  Push the C button to cut the wings again.  If you do not remove the mat, this will recut the material in the exact same spot and not ruin the design.  

You can see my cut after it is completed on the right.

10. Carefully remove the wings and fold at the score marks.  If you did not score the wings, just bend the plastic by hand to give the wings some shape

how to make fairy wings for dolls

Assemble and Decorate the Fairy Wings

11.  Add a design to the wings. You can use stickers, or make your own decals with permanent vinyl or just leave them blank.  

12.  Apply adhesive velcro to the wing.  This is used as a belt to hold the wing on the doll.  I used 3/4″ wide adhesive velcro.  A smaller size would have made a slimmer belt.   To keep the doll clothes from getting ruined, I applied the hook portion of the velcro to the wings, and let the loop portion run around the doll as shown on the right.

how to make fairy wings

13.  I had extra vinyl, so I used that to cover the velcro tape backing to give it a bit more of a finished looked.  

And that’s it! You’re Done!

how to make fairy wings for dolls

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  1. Kay

    What a good idea. I have made paper dolls & cut butterfly wings from cardstock as fairy wings, but never thought to use acetate & vinyl.

    1. Katherine

      I find the acetate last a long time, so they don’t need to be remade very often. Thanks for reading!

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