How To Keep Your Cricut Cutting Mat Cover Safe

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For the longest time, whenever I was cutting anything on my Cricut, I would place the plastic cover sheet of my mat somewhere. It would be on the chair behind me, on the desk next to me, in a drawer, somewhere, anywhere! Even in the garbage can by accident. I would always try to place it somewhere SAFE so that I wouldn’t throw it out. Inevitably when I was done cutting, I could never find this piece of plastic. It didn’t help that it is absolutely transparent. As I bought a crazy amount of permanent vinyl when I first bought my machine,  I decided to make decals for my Cricut mat cover sheets.  I have to be honest with you!  This is one of the best things I have done for my crafting. I have not lost a single cover sheet, nor have I fished it out of the garbage.  

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How to Make it Happen

I found that adding decals to my Cricut mat cover sheet  – the clear ones that come with the mat – has saved me lots of time searching for these invisible wonders.

All you need to do is cut some vinyl designs out with your Cricut, and then adhere them to the Cricut mat cover sheet.  

I put words on mine, so this way, the same side always sticks to the mat.  This keeps the outside dirt off the mat cover and off the mat, also.   IMPORTANT NOTE: If you put the mat cover on with the decals facing the cutting mat they will stick to the mat and come off the transparent cover sheet. Having words on the cover sheet also helps with this, as you will always know which side is up. 

Below are some pictures of my mats to help give you some ideas.


Cricut mat cover
cricut mat cover

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