Tips and Tricks for Making a Reverse Canvas

Tips and Tricks for Making a Reverse Canvas

The other day I posted How to Make a Reverse Canvas tutorial.  Afterwards, realizing that there are lots of ins and outs to this that you don’t know at the start… Reverse Canvas Tips and Tricks, if you will.  Overtime many of them become common knowledge but while learning some of these can be deal breakers.

Below I will be slowly compiling my Tips and Tricks for Reverse Canvas as I learn them and as I have time to find them all!  When I have more updates to this I will let you know!

Let's Begin with Tips!

Tip 1

When stapling the canvas to the frame, make sure you have it pulled tight so that there is no sagging or waving in the canvas. This can be hard on your first times but you really need to try.

You will be stapling the canvas on near the end of the project and this is when things go wrong. 

tip for reverse canvas

Check out the staple and pull sequence above.  Numbers indicate order of staples. Arrows indicate pull direction.

More Tips Coming Soon

Lets Begin with some Tricks!

Trick 1

One time my canvas wasn’t pulled tight enough and I tried to pull the staples out again.  My hand slipped, the screw driver shot across the frame and ripped a whole right in the canvas.

I was about to call it quits!  But instead, I found a piece of vinyl the same colour as my paint and taped it onto the back of the canvas.  I made sure that the hole was sealed perfectly on the front.  But if any spots were showing, the vinyl colour would show up instead.  

I was able to do a quick once over on the paint as well in the areas of the rip so nothing could be seen.    

The Pictures on the right show the damage and the repairs.

trick for reverse canvas
trick for reverse canvas
trick for reverse canvas

More Tricks Coming Soon

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